Insights for Aspiring Candidates in LSAT—India™ 2024

2023 Test-Taker Testimonials

Delve into the narratives of accomplishment and proficiency as individuals who took the 2023 test share their testimonials, providing valuable perspectives for those preparing for LSAT—INDIA™ 2024.

"I am fortunate to have had the opportunity and tools to [take] the LSAT—India™ 2023 as it is an up-to-date method of testing the necessary skills expected from a law aspirant. My test-taking experience went smoothly and comfortably in the online mode."

— Yashasvini V., 2023 test-taker

"The exam itself was meticulously designed, testing not only my knowledge but also my critical thinking, analytical, and logical reasoning skills. The variety of questions challenged me to think on my feet, providing an accurate assessment of my capabilities...

"I was able to showcase my abilities and secure admission to my dream college... I highly recommend LSAT—India™ to aspiring students as an examination that can truly make a difference in their academic journey."

— Aman D., 2023 test-takers

"My LSAT—India™ experience was not just about taking a test, it was a journey towards my ambitions with law school, with the able assistance of the LSAT team and the insightful examination pattern. I am now thrilled to be admitted to my preferred law school, and I attribute this achievement in large part to the comprehensive evaluation provided by the LSAT—India™."

— Kashvi C., 2023 test-taker

"My best advice to bridge the gap between a good and a great result would be to always invest sufficient time in observing and working on your errors. This practice, coupled with enough mock tests, is a sure - fire method for achieving incredible scores."

— Devyansh A., 2023 test-taker

Stories from colleges that accepted LSAT—India™ scores

2023 Associated College Testimonials

Explore the experiences of colleges that accepted LSAT—India™ 2023 scores, as they share testimonials about their admission journeys.

"LSAT—India™ has helped to reach [a] talented pool of candidates and has certainly enhanced brand visibility and awareness amongst prospective students and their parents. LSAT is proven to be a holistic assessment of competencies a law school would look for."

— Kavitha Madhusudhan, Director, Admissions at ISBR Law College

"The LSAT—India™ ingeniously scrutinize[s] the domains of English language prowess and deductive reasoning, which are the bedrock of a comprehensive legal tutelage."

— Mr. Deepu Krishna, Head of Admissions and Outreach at BITS Law School

"Through our collaboration with LSAT—India™, facilitated by Pearson VUE, Alliance University sources the finest legal talent. The exam’s emphasis on critical thinking aligns seamlessly with our educational ethos. Leveraging Pearson VUE’s global proficiency strengthens our talent reservoir."

— Ms. Surekha Shetty, Senior Director, Office of Admissions, Alumni Relations & Career Advancement and Networking (CAN), Alliance University, Bengaluru

"Our partnership with LSAT—India™ enables us to identify and nurture the most promising minds, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and ethical foundations essential for a successful career in law."

— Prof Abhishek Mishra, BML Munjal University

"We at GD Goenka Law School admit candidates on the basis of their performance [on the] LSAT—India™ exam. We have also created a scholarship policy based on the students' performance in this exam. The exam provides a standardised assessment for student intake."

— Harsh Vardhan Tiwari,Director of Law Admissions, GD Goenka University, Assistant Professor of Law, GD Goenka Law School